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When you join a clinical research study, you not only participate in a study that may benefit you, it could also benefit our community.

Clinical research trials are necessary to help develop new treatment options for viruses, diseases and various health conditions. Without dedicated volunteers, this work cannot be done. At Clinical Research Atlanta, we offer many opportunities for you or your loved one to participate. Your participation and time is needed and valued. Participating is also a great way to added extra income to your household as compensation is offered for time and travel when you qualify for a study.

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Clinical studies are a critical step in making new medications available to the public by helping to determine a drug's ability to treat certain conditions, its safety, and its possible side effects.

At Clinical Research Atlanta, we are dedicated to the success of clinical trials.

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What Is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research uses volunteer to study the effects of a medication, medical treatment or device. Before a medication, treatment, or device is made available to the public, it must be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This requires intensive research into a drug’s ability to treat a condition, its safety, and its possible side effects. Pharmaceutical companies hire Medical Professionals, like those at CRA, to conduct these studies using volunteer patient populations. Results are then sent to the FDA to help it decide if a new medication should be approved for the public.

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