Dust Mites Allergy


Pediatric House Dust Mite Allergy Study

Ages 5 to 11. Must suffer from allergy to House Dust Mites.


5 - 11


up to $707

Trial Length:

7 visits over 18 months


  • Ages 5 to 11
  • Suffer from allergy to House Dust Mites
  • Not receiving immunotherapy for allergies (injection or sublingual)
  • Willing to complete a skin prick allergy test

Study Details

We are conducting a clinical trial for children that suffer with house dust allergies. The purpose of this trial is to test if a course of treatment with a tablet containing house dust mite particles can reduce your child’s need for his/her usual symptomatic allergy medication. The house dust mite tablet has already been tested in adolescent and adult patients in clinical trials. The study will require 7 visit to our office over the period of year and a half.